Blanca, Arturo, Paola, Alejandra, Jonathan, Dani and Regina for all the unconditional love.

Javier, Arturo and Mia for being so important.

Yatza and Ruben, Beto and JC, for listening and being the best friends I could have.

Cash, Salish, Jam and Rons for the fucking fun times.

Finnegan and Ella, you magnificent dogs, you.

Moni, Elena, the other Elena, Mikey, Milio, Andrew, Carla, Nefer, C and David for all the shiny moments regardless of how often.

To all those to whom for several reasons I don't talk, for bearing with me for such and such. We may be not anything but strangers now, but, if I think of you for some reason, rest assured you were that important.

To those who tore my heart to pieces. I dearly loved you. I was as imperfect as I am, but, you know, I am as alive as I can be despite the pain.

I have always listed a bunch of people who have brought me happiness in the shape of music, books, movies, et cetera. It was easier in the past. Now, the amount of beauty I have found is so vast that I simply can't.

To all those reading this.

And to you, who despite arriving just now, are on top, just for making me believe once more.


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