The mælstrøm drawn in her hair by the vicissitudes from a brush & the form of her head is able to catch the utmost sighs of every single whale singing while going home.



I have cracked...But I'll be alright...



The notes by my back arise suspicion. The voice by my back turns the place into a conundrum of what I can at times distinguish since I try to converse. Words of nervousness for I ignore-how-to-go. The notes by my back recall how weird fishes have been sung to me. The voice by my back changes not the P-voice is as warm as a technicolour sea. The notes & voice by my back are gone. It don't matter since the one which matters is deep in my head.



On a street not as busy as it should usually be, I dreamt of the sea.
The invisible arrow pointed at where I might have to leave.
The whisper of the water sprouting before me sang about boats full of lambs.
Rivers of pavement made up a maze to resolve, so I get home safe.
My room is still disguised as a sea.
Pages & pages talking of glory in a time when honour did matter & mind.
Waves of smoke from my mouth.
Gallons of past by my feet.
On a day of solitude, I dreamt of the sea.


"I'll be stronger & a bit immortal to sail us farther than the stars."
-The Purple Whale


Tens of cloud lambs await. They are to sail the skies, resting anxiously by a heart-shaped boat, with an oar in the form of a cello in it.
Before departure, there is a swim across the Styx to be done. Patience shall prevail til going ashore. Futher strength & partial immortality could take place. Yet all wonder.

Tens of cloud lambs sat with me, listening to arias of love & deceit, of sorrow & fraternity. They kept themselves silent, with eyes closed to sense the notes & savour the smoke from our cigarettes better. They asked for the one who will command the boat. They would like to know how far they will be taken. They want to be told how far with them I will go.

Tens of cloud lambs will walk with me tomorrow morning. They are going to mention the discomfort from leaving the boat by itself. "What if she comes?" they will be asking. "She would never depart without her crew," I will answer.


There's one who just comes to lose oneself in thought, or to see the new day as a book that deploys itself at length.
Alicia Garcia



Come on...
I would like to say that I have precisely been driven crazy. Not by you though. I must admit I deem you foolish if you believe you can take us all, yet I would like to see you try since there is still hope [a fool's one perhaps...] You are not the empire that can make us go. There is no weapon or craft you possess which can hurt our ghost horses. We ride tonight, so just be ready...



...there they go swimming in a sea of red, blue & green defying gravity & being themselves...