The wind by the chair

The grass will keep swinging whether you remain or go...

While the notes make a hole in the sour image which now occupy my mind & eyes, while the breeze makes the day a bit better, while the old man next to me hums & smiles at his loved one, I sip a bit of coffee. I am no bitter man, I do not condemn existence: it is just that the blueness of this sky makes it unbearable for me to think when in heavens it will be my chance to leave the sea of uncertainty that surrounds me.
It all seems better than before. The sun seems shinier, my taste has gone in new directions, people almost always greet me with a smile (as if I had never done wrong to them or they hadn't seen me in a while) Yet, I cannot let go of those thoughts of hefty sorrow. There ain't to say or do. Perhaps just sitting & wait.