A heart of technicolour by the sound of a voice full of consequences. The writing of this organ makes no sense perhaps [not that it needs one] yet we acknowledge. A plant by the window awaiting my arrival to tell me that she has just dreamt of you. There might not be red or purple tulips in her dreams, but she never doubts of the fair purity of the images. I do not doubt the one of mine. She will make a big fuss about when you are coming back to take the slightest peek at her. I will laugh inasmuch as I know how it feels. She will laugh to comfort me about my wishing to spend the night with you. She will stare at the moon while I upload some music for you. We will say, 'good night!' & wish each other dreams of you. I will go to bed carrying a smile.
I counted the tulips in my heart.There are more than the last time, each one of them being 'you.'

& the tin man said, "I don't wanna hear your voice..."


So...There I go again, naked & sunk in disexpectation, pronging disbelief & hanging myself to the fact of I-dunno-what, listening & bewondering, longing & proudly longing, going nowhere & everywhere, covering my eyes & never ignoring my ears, astounding myself & bemusing myself, holding the sun to shake up the ex-taste...There I go again in the arms of myself to run til my legs says we cannot hold in anymore...Here I am next to her, resting to...



"Indeed you do know me..."



So...I jumped into the river long ago...9 years of wait, you understand. Songs of going away in little row boats & hitting bottom then escaping & implements saving lives & consolation & looking devils in the eye & lines of remaing alive which do not exist & one the most perfect days I have ever seen. I think of existing in an 1 AR as silly as it sounds. I like to exaggerate, you understand.
And one who has come as luck has changed jumped with me. I ain't talking about diving in together since we were already there. It is the jumping from the thrill of being there ourselves as if we were by ourselves.
No longer the nose against the screen picturing and salivating as though it could happen one day.
Twitching & salivating because there was no scaremongering. I was & it was. T-1 & the anxiety preceding joy did nothing but shut me down before the waterfall. Lights went. Thus lights came. I believed & she did as well.
Them notes flooding the space [within/without] which will not stay the same. Them notes into her voice ripping me because of what they now mean ['We met...'] I knew the pain which would come. I was astonished at the one which I thought would not. Tear 1, tear 2, tear 3, tear 4...Dry moment, then again eventhough I can handle fear & doubt...Tear 28, tear 30, tear 7 times 7, tear 50 something, tear one hundred and eighty, tear 1978+1980, tear 955,368...
I am alive everything all the time, here I am allowed after all this time.
...& the jumping hurt, but won't tear me down...& the banging won't remain, but the smile will prevail...
Reckoner, I did feel your hand and you took me away.
I can for sure tell you achieved redemption.
Jigsaw falls into place. My luck has changed. I feel your ripples on a blank shore. This is really happening. There is nothing to fear & nothing to doubt. I feel as everything is in its right place.
One of the most perfect days I have ever seen.


15 Step
There, There
All I Need
Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
The Gloaming
The National Anthem
Faust Arp
No Surprises
Jigsaw Falling Into Place
Fake Plastic Trees
Paranoid Android
House of Cards
My Iron Lung
Street Spirit (Fade Out)
Pyramid Song
Everything In Its Right Place


Not an accident waiting to happen, or one happening at all...Just a happening going on...Til the rainbowed seas are dried...Then, nothing as something...Something again going on to fill up the void & be seas again.


What you have got to say matters most since you matter as one of them people who matter damn most...



Whimsical and dizzical and stupefact way of associating ideas...I recall I enjoy suferring...I sink in the arms of no one to acupuncture...senseless words...non-nonsense grains of brain cells...she coming...she'll come...I miss the some hours ago...around the what-seems-like-indifference-but-might-actually-be-fear-to-be-hurt-or-simply-playing-cool...HTAS...no way of telling...how come it can all be like that?...I am nobody but my own karma police...I'd run to her if I could...Love?...I dunno, but I have enoughly hit the streets...will she sleep in my arms...kinda...tasty petrol...I am into incinerating myself into the oblivion which comes from this at times something...love...Nah!...Love...not yet...LOVE!!!...exaggerate, you understand...I do wanna actually ask...once more...if I don't, I'll burn...if I do, I'll burn [out or down]...fear the good-bye after the notes of redemption...fit, fit, fit...erase the whine...ttt...not really...the other ttt...nonsense...where is the hunny bunny?...Love?!...please answer...y is enough...pity...I here, she ain't...ludic.



So...What looks like a heart by your locker door is my heart exploding for you.