I go through past texts about past events which memory stubbornly preserves despite the wisdom present carelessly gushes. Here & there, there & everywhere.
Apnea of anxiety. Anxiety of loneliness. Loneliness of words. Words of salt. Salt of tears. Tears of I-do-not-know-why.
I sail adrift without thinking of catastrophe. There is no destiny to catch or hate to abide. The sun & the moon dance on the surface of the sea at which I now drop some fears of old.
I bathe in the light of every constellation coming from her sight.


Tons of water shed colour into my room. I was deeply asleep when it all came to be. The windows first shattered then broke without a single sound. In spite of the huge amount of liquid, every object stayed in the random place I have given to it. Numb is the adjective which best describes my body after opening my eyes in the middle of the flooded room. From top to bottom, this place where I have re-encountered love swims in various shades of blue. Funnily enough, there is no water outside my room. The door is open so I can see the dry existence outside. I stood up and walked to the door to take my arm outside. I was able to sense the breeze coming from an open window contrasted by my waterless skin.
My room is an ocean. I have grown flippers and turned myself blue with hues of red. I await for the purple whale to share my occurrence with her.



Let there be known I am alive.


I reached my heart to feel its beat. The incessant booming took me by surprise because the afternoon of this day on which I type flew dearly calmed. The long walk I chose to go back home couldn't have been the reason to the upbeat. After lighting up a ciggy, I reached again: The constant blast was there. I just wonder if it has already turned so mad any other time before the current state of affairs. My hand [blessed hand that has attainably held hers for not enough hours] remained on the chest for the strength of this beat is simply mesmerising. I closed my eyes and slowed my pace. The music which pumped into my head from an amnesiac album drove me to everything and nothing. Every nerve began to shock mercilessly. Every pore expanded and contracted to the rhythm of my breath. I stopped walking. The beat kept going and, for a minute there, I felt the earth tremble to it.

I am home now [an hour and a half later by the way] The beat has not left.