I lost this being which was given to me as a proof of trust...Whether it jumped out of my pocket or I was quite uncareful, I ought to run into him once more.



A sweet sweaty sworn swollen swarmed purple-red-orange-blue-and-green grumpy fuckfuckingtuesdayesque tulip-like marshmallowy-chocolate pwd field of grass sunshowering tiltheendoftheworldish wine+chips poem-for-all-battle purpleletter U+I kiss for you.


I have happened to have written:

I shan't give up on anyone. Especially her.

There's no reason to tell nobody but myself what I am about to state. Nonetheless, there is one who'll understand why I shall move into typing such proposition.
I haven't given up on anybody present. I shan't give up on any of them.
Needless to say that I who has found a purple piece of sea will not give up on her.
I like that.
I hope she likes that.



I terminate before the ashtray takes down til the time I wonder where I have left the hyperreaction I used to exude at the time of getting out of the bed I ignore due to my fear or flying on an apparatus full of faulty mechanic mechanisms unlike my defective bodily mechanisms which swell in spite of all the will I burgle out of nowheres in the mind of nobodies who dare look at my face since they cannot hear the voice somebody-someone holds dear inasmuch as tones can make the soul tremble.