A white swan
And the magpie dent


Despacito, despacito
Se va yendo
Al carajo


So then
I could not live where there are no chirps of birds in the afternoon
Singing the sunset
Giving name to each of them things they have seen
Each leaf and cloud and flower
Each piece of breeze and ray of sun

And I could not live where flowers there are none
Their colours absent from my eyes
Absent from my heart
So the bees and hummingbirds just wander

I could not live where the clouds do not happen
Not giving tickles to the sky
Unplaying strings of wind making music
Just hiding in the seas
Afraid of the sun

And above all
I could not live where you are not
Flower to my fields
Cloud to my breeze
Chirp of my joy
Moon of the autumn
You are like a beat to the heart life seems to have