I have come to disdain,
and to blindfold,
no matter what.


And now I wonder

Fields of endless grass.
A whisper.
A sigh.
A couple of them, actually...

Memories of the present crashing into those ones of the past.

[Cascade of notes]

The sun uphigh,
on blue canvas,
making dancing partners for the lonely,
making a grinning spectator of those thoughts of her,
while the moon slumbers,
while the walk keeps going,
the sun on sight,
scratching the green grass.

Sitting down while cigaretting,
while Elioting,
while dreaming,
while dreaming,
no wondering,
just shutting them eyes,

Yet I stare blankly ahead, but no for the reasons which cracked the skyes...

Dare embrace!

Fields of endless grass.
A smile.
A thought of the sip of the sour, so inconstant and scalding, and unexpected and booming.

One flies asunder.

While chanting for and about the only one who will understand the song.

and stars...

I am so glad I met you
'Cause you know I'd walk
A thousand miles
If I could
Just see you

-A Thousand Miles