Inspiration, big fat piano chords, Russian soul, slamming doors, wind caressing leaves, storm murdering leaves, muddy ground, barefoot, feet on the coffee table, brass section, tormented smile, smiley torment, devil, passion, smell of wet soil, curves, lovers about to fuck, I am using you, lights in the distance, pause, strings, desiderata, flapping thousand noises, thoughts of friends, bottles of bitter love, twitch, inflammed hearts, hugs, dreams and reality, honey, I am real, you are too, chirps, razor-sharp notes, beauty before disaster, though there ain't no disaster, you never can tell, yellow flowers, dance, dare, dare, dare, dance with me, tiny specks of water, nostalgia, calm, tick-tock, oh Tamás, sweet, aftertaste and afterglow, come Thursday, hold me, hold me, lost, warn me not, slowly, cadenciously, yours, spinning world, across the room, dance, like there is no one else, we're butterflies, dream, walls of pumice, say nothing, see nothing, run down the stairs, flee, flee, flee, horns, shooting stars, spiral up, interstellar, you are not here, you don't exist, no, sighs, lightspeed, whisper in time, lunacy, so real, so firm, so vast, you're not real, lightspeed, fingers touching keys, fingers touching skin, fingers reaching down, craving, penetrating, disappearing, melting, exploding, silence, one a many bird, chirping, blooming, gliding across the fields, resting on trees, dancing partners, bobbing heads, why, they ask why, say nothing, smile, see us smile, joy, escalading, slythering fireworks, boom, boom, fountains of light, fireworks in the heart, in the night, oh my, waving hands, genius, oh you fucking genius, you speak to me, drums of war, blast of air, I feel it, I see it, I taste it, I listen to it, godly voice, waves, waves against the rocks, glory, devastating nature, crash me down, fall, Ulysses, pure essence, vanish, be one with the Lord, and rise eternally…

And I hear that distant bird calling me home.

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