What, for heavens sake, is honour? Do I possess it? I have lied several times through life. So, can I still have honour? The definition of such word is not as absolute, linear & plain as lots of people believe it to be. If a straight definition is to be achieved, we might find that there's no honour left in this world, except for, I wish real hard, children. Ha! As usual, I might just be wrong...One occcupation never involving the aforementioned trait has to be the one of a politician. Is there anybody who would dare contradict me?! It is all about interests & the money, acquiring power, controlling people's will...It is damn clear that corporations have more power. Nevertheless, political parties & their ass-ociates occupy the bottom of the rotten scale if we were to rank people & the honour they possess. There's no honour in politics & what politicians do, & we ought to be ashamed of not doing shit about it.....

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