The grass field where I used to play does not exist anymore. Instead, you can see a grey piece of Tarmac, which happens to be grey both literally & figuratively speaking. All the people who used to pass by, either going somewhere else or just admiring the soothing panorama, are gone too. I ignore what the purpose of this 'ex-field of dreams' is now. Not that someone has not tried to inform me, you understand. I shushed my neighbour when he vainly attempted to show off all the little gossip he knew about the matter. I cannot recall how I ran into this haven. I cannot remember how long I stayed there looking for grasshoppers to take to my grandma or lying on the ground hearing music in my head with my eyes closed either. The music, the memories of both the experienced sensations & the field are still in my head, whereas the actual phenomena are not. I never took a picture of it. I should keep walking...

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