No sex
No tenderness
No words of love
Of comfort
Even of wisdom
I had an OK day
Just OK
That is all you say
Why would you once and then share bits of universe you have happened to be
You won't ask either
Since you are not into how many cans of beer I fancied
You seemed like an OK day yourself
Hence you shut
Choose a bit of telly
Go to sleep
And trust I shall do the right thing
Like a trained beast
I do alright
I stay up in case you would need your lamb
So devoted
Because I would not see you wrong me
O you may say you love me
You would suture yourself up if there were elsewhere a blossom
Care not
Mind not
For I am convinced myself you are the Earth to my oxygen
My six days of week and my ten sighs of wonder
My awe and my morning
My sin and my leper
Storm you are none
Not to me
To me all I eye is miles of tulips
Hence I walk in you and be you
Feel and be you breeze
Smile in your sunlight
While you pour words of love on someone else over the telephone

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