Sitting at the back of a greasy-spoon Chinese restaurant, eating shrimp, rice and string beans, drinking pop soda, one does not seem to be in the best place to think of philosophy, yet it seems adequate - shiny and cheerful days like today are of another kind of feather. These words I so grinningly despair to type are as sticky as the Chinese rice: they won't let go of my palate, slowly suggesting a sweet flavor, surely to leave a greasy aftertaste.

Humans are composed of a finite number of attributes, simple in essence and composition, complex in conjunction with every other attribute, yet perfectly predictable in terms of simple logic. People often claim they know how such or such will react in a given situation under specific circumstances, and that so can be applied to past or future events since present is a continuum or the latter becoming the former. I am not to disprove them, for there is congruence in their words, but they have no clue regarding the depth of such belief. Say, I happen indulge in certain sort of drink on Sunday afternoon. If the afternoon is hot, I am likely to have a couple of beers. As for a cold one, straight mezcal seems to be the choice. My peers will undoubtedly assume the choice is marked by the weather outside and by the fact that I am drunk, and nobody appears capable of denying something so simple. However, there are quite a lot of occurrences which they are overlooking, like the mathematical probability of my consumption of alcohol due to external factors (like a visit from my parents, in front of whom I do not drink, or like my whimsical nature which can simply dictate I am not to do something just because). The synapses and endorfins in my brain may be far greater a factor than whether some beverage matches the climatological conditions, but they look irrelevant as to they are not apparent. Still, the weather is of some incumbency, as well as the memory of my house stinking of barley every Sunday afternoon my father had his friends over for a game of domino.

So, as finite as my attributes is my time on the matter, for the Chinese woman at the counter is signaling it is time to close.

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