the boring life

so everything is about going from a to b and the other way around, about drinking water and walking enough not to become a blob, about voting and paying this and that and giving things back on time, about walking up to the atm and find an excuse so we dont have go back empty handed since thats what money is for, about feeding your dog and your cat and the ocassional child, about copying and pasting and publishing and fast reading, about using proper grammar, proper punctuation, proper spelling, proper names for things, about not having to use such rules cause life aint about that stuff, about buying clothes instead of videogames, about buying furniture and appliances instead of clothes, about buying something fun instead of clothes and furniture, about drinking when you can and not drinking when you cant, and the like and so on without any further contemplation on what one may want to do instead of sitting down to write whatsoever crosses one's mind to impress the ones you happen to know and the ones you dont since approval is the ultimate goal of religion and atheism and comunism and capitalism and every simple scheme of beliefs man has come up with, either consciously or not to handle the rest like sweat monkeys, monkeys, as if that use for that word were something to be proud of since theres no one who wont use names on other people, for, mind you, all in all we all do is attempt to feel superior to the one next to you
mind you, all I do is use commas to separate words and my days

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