All so sick. Observing her through a pair of binoculars. Joy. Her madness fulfilling. My death cannot be undone, for a charade inflated with grandeur and revenge is not easily murdered. Unnecessary it is to mention what I feel for her. Oblivion. I was about to bring it all down, all because of a night of sex. Yet I have managed to survive. I could feel her once more. Tears rolling down. My fake mental love. The story of our reconciling has not been written. I wouldn't dare use 'yet.' She has been forgiven. Not by me inasmuch as I do not possess such gift. Unearthly. I did give it all to have her come. Twice. Even my own life. However, I was not killed. Undead. Alive. I inhabit her mind. She never minds her condition. I smile.

Elle est la lumière.

To Karol and Krysztof

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