Such a rare experience. All the elements captured by my vision blur into a mass of edgeless colours fusing with each other. The voices which surround me appear as distant echoes of ideas I might have never grasped since I cannot hear them. Time is neither absolute nor relative, so is space. I can only tell at that very precise moment how the Universe bends. I bend as well, you understand... There is no thought of no one or nothing. If I wished so, I could reach out and grab any star I wanted, for all matter condenses in one infinite speck, awaiting for the precise line of notes which arises a big bang. The tune explodes. So do I. One can become a countless amount of quarks, gluons and neutrinoes travelling through time and space without any possible obstacle. Atoms on the run. There is no place in the Cosmos one cannot arrive at. Swirling around in beams of light fast, bouncing commanded by the tempo of a song. Then the gradual vanishing of the piece...A journey that may only last five minutes and 9 seconds, yet there ain't nothing like it.
It is quite hard to catch one's breath once more. The sense of touch could remain numb for the rest of the day. You cannot clearly comprehend what is going on around, and very few voices can cross the membrane which shrouds this mind which will not ever be the same.
I walk on a familiar street [Familiar I dare say since ocurrance does not repeat itself due to the distorted perception the astral trip has left] I ain't lost, but I ain't there either. Keep walking till one gets to where one ought to be.

"I'll eat the Universe.
It won't remain miniscule in me.
It shall unfold, expand.
It will rip me from the inside, it will reach its vastety.
But then, I'll be one with it.
I'll be the Universe."

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