'bout to...

So...There is a tad to say about the kind of subject matter which swells my brain at this precise & full of no ones moment. Fear is not what comes around since there is nothing to feel afraid of cause this readiness to live means no fear to depart. Obviously enough, yet there are songs to be sung, a woman to love, people to hold, places to go, letters to pop, orgasms to come, speech to be told, smiles to behold & bridges to burn.
Angst is not what I think of right now for the peace which shoes my feet take me on a glide into memories of what came & what shall come.
Stillness cannot be what's taken hold cause I can surely see my eyes rolling over these words.
It is so peculiar, I acknowledge, how unaware I can be of an object onto which my mind has focused. It ain't P or a song, faulty words or a story, thoughts of blue or this summer, a pure trip or red tulips. I can say I got within a tiny pebble which could in time be just a delusion or a mental occurrence, which could drive me somewhere or simply arise an odd story.
Yet I trust that as usual the thing will show up at the most unpredictable moment, which certainly is nothing else but the appropriate.

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