Can someone who has never existed vanish? Can I erase somebody who never was? This exiguous thought I have embraced for such a long time happens to have slowly turned unjustified & tiresome. At the lack of faith, I encounter a vision full of excuses & lame purposes to feel alive. Life itself ought to be enough [Not that any justification might be needed, you understand] Purgatory & Heaven have always seemed puerile. Nihilism appears distant & unfeasible. & Hell is not what you are thinking of...I wonder where I will go after what I am about to state [I have abandoned expectation in a bag of dirty ideas, but I can still try to forsee] I am who I am. I can ackowledge I am here. I can acknowledge He is not. The alleged omnipotence & omnipresence, traits created to add value to any given deity, make it tougher to digest. The benevolence, which seldom takes place, has long ago gone far from sight. The consideration of a great architect, suitable for a theory full of holes, fails to belong. I think I am real, & I believe He is not...

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